5 Water Socks FAQ

Q. Do these socks feel and look the same as my other socks?

A. Yes! These socks are made from a blend of high-quality, super soft yarns at a state of the art manufacturing facility, located in the USA. So you'll enjoy the comfortable, durable feel of a premium sock, with unique, water-resistant properties as as result of our incredible RainArmor(TM) technology!


Q. What happens when my feet sweat? 

A. We specially engineered our socks to keep them very breathable for an optimal level of comfort and performance. The sweat will evaporate away without soaking into the socks. So no more wet or stained socks as a result of sweating!


Q. What is RainArmor(TM) and how does it work?

A. We start with premium, super soft yarn and blend it with hydrophobic nanoparticles using a proprietary process. Thes5 Water Socks. Water Resistant Sockse tiny particles hate water and therefore, they resist water. The nanoparticles are absorbed into the yarn fibers, so it becomes part of the sock's structure. We don't use a coating or finish, so it's longer lasting, super comfortable, and safe for sensitive skin.

Unlike many other water-resistant coatings, which can be irritating or even carcinogenic (cancer-causing), RainArmor(TM) is totally safe. It does not wash off like many other water-resistant finishes.


Q. Are the socks 100% waterproof? 

A. No, these socks are not waterproof, but they are water resistant. When inundated with water, they will get wet and absorb water. But it requires sufficient water pressure and if the socks do get wet, the RainArmor(TM) technology causes the water to dry much, much faster than a typical sock!


Q. Do these socks prevent itching and odor? 

A. Absolutely! Odor and itchiness are a byproduct of fungus formation and the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, which thrive in a wet and warm environment. But by resisting water absorption, these socks have natural anti-microbial properties. Therefore, these socks create an environment that's not conducive to the bacteria and fungus growth that causes odor and itching.


Q. Are these socks safe for skin?

A. Yes, RainArmor(TM) technology is designed specifically for direct-to-skin contact. These socks are suitable for everyday wear.  


Q. Do the socks feel different?

A. Nope! They feel just like any other pair of socks....unless you get them wet! You'll notice they resist dampness and if they do become saturated as a result of sufficient water exposure, you'll notice that they dry very quickly.


Q. Can I wash the socks? 

A. Absolutely. These socks are machine washable, just like any other pair of socks. Do not bleach.