Our Socks

The average person takes 5000 steps a day, we want to make sure your steps are comfortable! We're committed to providing a high quality product that keeps your feet dry, while reducing irritation and annoyance.


5 Water Socks are premium socks, featuring our revolutionary RainArmor(TM) technology. RainArmor(TM) technology involves a proprietary process of blending water-phobic nanoparticles with comfortable, high quality yarn fibers. The result? Water-resistant socks (with natural antibacterial properties) that will stay dry when exposed to small amounts of water. And while they're not totally waterproof, they dry very quickly when wet for optimal comfort! 

These socks are the first of their kind to use hydrophobic nanotechnology to make water resistant socks. They're also safe for everyday wear, breathable, and machine washable for easy cleaning.


We are committed to bringing you comfort by using safe components in our products. Many water resistant fabric finishes can cause irritation and others are even carcinogenic, potentially causing cancer. Our socks are different. We believe that the world is filled with lots of dangers to your health and well-being; your socks shouldn't pose a danger to your safety and health. So we vow to craft only safe, non-irritating products.